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    What’s a Slug?

    Today was a big day! I finished my FINAL edit on Letters to Freedom: From Fear to Love to Grace, A Memoir of Grief and Relationship. AND, I talked with a young twenty-something computer guy who talked me through this process of blogging!! YES, I am old and far from a millennial….

    I guess the summary is that I like to write, but I don’t really get along well with technology. I suppose today I embraced that paradox and stepped into this world with new eyes and gratitude.

    So, as Brandon was on the website with me, coaching me all along the way to where I am now, I said—“What’s a slug?” He spent quite a while explaining it to me and said a lot of words I don’t understand. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about, and not to worry about trying to explain again. I don’t really need (or want) to know.

    Then I asked him if he had ever stepped on a slug!  He said he stepped on a frog once and it didn’t feel good. I told him about how I had stepped on a few slugs as a kid. They were slimy and sticky and they would get stuck between my toes, and I had a hard time getting the sticky slime off.  It was awful.

    Kinda feels like this new world of technology for me. I keep stepping into it and then getting stuck trying to get the messiness of it off. For those of you like me, who are not millennials, let me put this rant into context. I saw a category called “slug” on the word-press edit page while Brandon and I were talking. That word and many others, I did not understand. And again I don’t want to learn them, really. I like learning other things, like how people feel sadness and shame and joy and happiness.  How do we all come alive?  How do we grieve the loss of a loved one? How do we thrive in this stressful word?  These are the things I want to learn.

    Nonetheless, as I am working on my third book and writing a proposal for book #4, I have to join this world-wide-web experience in a new way.


    So here it is…What’s a slug!!??

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