• About The Inner Space Project Podcast

    The Inner Space Project Podcast explores the full spectrum of emotions – from joy and love to sadness and fear. Dr. Patti Ashley, psychotherapist, best-selling author, TED speaker, and clinical trainer takes you on an inner space journey challenging societal norms; encouraging open dialogue; and raising awareness about all the parts of us, including the ones that may seem dark and mysterious.

    Drawing from personal anecdotes and expert insights, we explore practical strategies for fostering empathy, building meaningful connections, and navigating interpersonal relationships with grace and sensitivity. By acknowledging the universality of human emotions, we dissolve barriers and cultivate a sense of belonging and connection among individuals from all backgrounds.

    Episodes alternate between topics related to the cycles of life, beginnings- explores parenting, early childhood, and the school-age years; middles looks at relationships, careers, creativity, identity, and the overall life journey; and endings touches the heart of loss, grief, transition, and change.