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    My father, Clement C. Peed in WWII

    TODAY, February 4, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the snowy winter day I lost my father to a sudden heart attack. I find myself in awe of how much losing my father at a young age has impacted my life, in both inspiring and challenging ways. As an eleven year old girl, I had no idea how to navigate such a tremendous loss. My father was kind, funny, and truly my best friend. My journey of grief has been a magical mystery ride with many ups and downs, questions and answers, all woven into moments of surrender and GRACE.

    Laurence Freedom

    When I lost the love of my life Laurence Freedom on November 13, 2016 to a sudden heart attack, I was shocked and stunned. To process the trauma and attempt to find meaning in having lost both of these men the same way, I sat down night after night sobbing and writing stories. These stories later become my memoir– Letters to Freedom: From Fear to Love to Grace.

    I became a psychotherapist so that I could give people a safe space to talk about grief, and honor the gifts of grace it can hold. Losing my beloved Laurence Freedom added even more fuel to my desire to help people talk about the tender-hearted pieces of this life that we all share. The words of William Shakespeare, speak to my inspiration to become a therapist and to write Letters to Freedom: From Fear to Love to Grace.

    “Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.”

    To make it super rich and insightful for you, I created the FEAR TO LOVE TO GRACE Summit as a bonus gift for you when you buy my book Letters to Freedom: From Fear to Love to Grace.

    Over the past few months I have had the privilege of interviewing sixteen world-renowned healers and thought leaders, all awe-inspiring luminaries striving to make the world a better place by bringing their big hearts into the areas of grief, relationship, trauma and dream-work. I am offering these interviews to you for FREE TODAY.

    When you purchase Letters to Freedom on FEBRUARY 4TH, 2020 you will receive your free ticket to the Fear to Love to Grace Summit. If you purchase 5 or 10 books, you will get the additional bonus gifts described below.



    Purchase just 1 copy of Letters to Freedom: From Fear to Love to Grace and you will receive the Fear to Love to Grace Summit with world renowned healers and thought leaders ($300 value) as a launch day gift to you.




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    Purchase 10 books Letters to Freedom: From Fear to Love to Grace to bring hope to your grieving friends or a book group, and receive the video recordings of the Fear to Love to Grace Summit with world renowned healers and thought leaders ($300 value), a free 1-hour grief counseling session with me ($150 value), and a free ticket to the weekend intensive webinar–Letters to Freedom: Writing Your Own Stories of Grief ($175.00 value) on February 22, 2020 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm MST and 20% off any authenticity architecture event, including trip to France in July! $800.00 or more of free launch day gifts.

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    What a joy it was for me to spend time talking with these luminaries. I learned so much from them, and I know you will love these conversations too. Here are just a few of the nuggets of wisdom in the Fear to Love to Grace summit:

    • Joan Borysenko: “Experiences of grief and loss are doorways to grace.”

    • Sue Frederick: “Everything is a soul agreement. The soul chooses the moment of entry and the moment of departure.”

    • Kelly Sullivan Walden: “At the bottom of every emotional wave is a treasure chest waiting for you.”

    • Lisa Campion: “Death is an initiation. We are not the same on the other side.”

    • Hope Edelman: “There are connections we may not be aware of, that we are living with everyday.”

    • Lee McCormick: “We are reincarnated several times within the same lifetime.”

    • Patty Luckenbach: “We can’t say ‘good-bye’ to grief until we say ‘hello’ to grief.”

    • Billie Ortiz: “Often our loved ones come to us in the dream state.”

    • Kim Murdock: “When you lose a spouse it is a lonely experience. I want my readers to know they are not alone. I want to give them permission to grieve.

    • Gary Sayler: “Being fully human is what grace is, both our flaws and our strengths.”

    • HeatherAsh Amara: “Grief opens our heart.”

    • Kevin Petersen: “When families engage in recovery, that is grace.”

    • Jonathan Tripodi: “To access grace, we have to let go. When we let go of control, something else takes over.”

    Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt Ph.D. Internationally-respected couple’s therapists, educators, speakers, and New York Times bestselling authors. Together, they have written over 10 books with more than 4 million copies sold, including the timeless classic, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples. In addition, Harville has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey television program 17 times! harvilleandhelen.com
    Joan Borysenko Distinguished pioneer in integrative medicine, and a world-renowned expert in the study of the mind/body connection. She is a respected scientist, gifted therapist, best-selling author of many books, and an unabashed mystic. Her work has been foundational in the internationally recognized health-care revolution acknowledging the spiritual dimensions of life as an integral part of health and healing.

    Sue Frederick Lifelong intuitive, spiritual coach, and author of Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side. She offers workshops for people seeking alignment with their life purpose, and workshops that help people heal from grief. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, CNN.com, Real Simple, Yoga Journal, Natural Health and Complete Woman Magazines.
    Kelly Sullivan Walden Best selling author and certified clinical hypnotherapist is on a mission to awaken the world to the power of dreams. Her unique approach to dream therapy led her to become a trusted advisor, coach and consultant, enriching the lives of thousands of individuals. kellysullivanwalden.com

    Lisa Campion Psychic counselor, Reiki master, teacher, energy healer, and best-selling author of The Art of Psychic Reiki. Using a combination of intuition, energy healing and therapeutic techniques, she trains psychics, empaths, sensitives and healers to fully step into their gifts.
    Hope Edelman Speaker, writing instructor, coach, and #1 NY Times bestselling author of Motherless Daughters, Motherless Mothers, and The Possibility of Everything. Hope is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach specializing in grief, early loss, and creativity. She is the co-founder of Motherless Daughters Retreats, helping motherless women revisit and reassess their early losses; get unstuck; and build community.

    Lee McCormick A leader in spiritually-based recovery, Lee has founded several residential-based treatment programs, and created a recovery program that harnesses the power of self-discovery and the natural world. He is the author of several books in the field of behavioral health and spirituality, and producer of the documentary film Dreaming Heaven.
    Patty Luckenbach Ordained pastoral care minister, teacher, psychotherapist, and the author of The Land of Tears; I Only Walk on Water When it Rains; & the Kingdom of Heart.
    Her specialties include grief support, psycho-spiritual growth, and journal writing. Patty guides people with compassion and wisdom through their darkest hours, helping them find the blessings that are awaiting in a bright, new horizon.

    Christy Whitman Transformational leader, celebrity coach, law of attraction expert, and NY Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. Christy has appeared on the Today Show, the Morning Show, Ted X, and the Hallmark Channel. She is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning & Coaching Academies.
    HeatherAsh Amara Warrior Goddess Mama and Creatrix of the Warrior Heart Practice. Her name-HeatherAsh came along when she first starting facilitating fire walks which reminded her of the energy of the phoenix rising from the ashes, and the power all of us have to transform from the inside out. She is dedicated to inspiring depth, creativity, and joy by sharing the most potent tools from a variety of world traditions.

    Aurora Winter Serial entrepreneur Aurora demystifies the magnetic marketing messages needed to trigger success. A TV writer-producer, she uses her film-making background and neuroscience to help entrepreneurs get their messages out to the masses. The most effective communication integrates smarts, showmanship, and story-telling — think Hollywood meets Silicon Valley.
    Gary Sayler Relationship Coach and Author of the book Safe to Love Again. Gary speaks in as many venues as possible across the country, having deep conversations with people. Most importantly, he did his own deep transformation that unlocked his heart and released his soul to love that he found was not only possible, but his birthright. He now backs those stirring cadences with practical insights from his years of research and work in the field of relationship coaching.

    Gregory B. Hammer, MD, is a Professor of Pediatrics and Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine in the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is the author of the upcoming book GAIN without Pain. Dr. Hammer is a health enthusiast and meditator, utilizing a non-duality and mindfulness-based approach. He also teaches “Presence Practice” to medical students, residents and fellows at Stanford.
    Billie Ortiz Certified dream-worker who’s unique appreciation of metaphor and symbol expands into the realm of myth and fairy tale, guiding dreamers to a deeper understanding of the profound messages of their dreams. She hosts private dream groups in Boulder, CO and offers individual dream sessions via phone or Zoom. She also teaches classes on fairy tales and mythology, and hosts dream retreats twice a year in Boulder, CO.

    Kim Murdock Editor, coach and author of the book Feeling Left Behind. Kim has made it her mission to help those dealing with the loss of a loved one, particularly a spouse. After becoming a widow at 42, she recognized that she didn’t want people to tell her how to heal, or to tell her that ‘everything happens for a reason’. She just wanted to know that her feelings were normal. Now she deeply wants to give people permission grieve–for as long as it takes.
    Jonathan Tripodi Educator, healer author, and the creator of a unique Body Memory Recall (BMR) healing approach. Jonathan teaches BMR nationwide, and is the author of Freedom from Body Memory. His book provides his personal awakening to body memory in addition to the current scientific, historical and clinical evidence of the body memory phenomenon.

    Elisa Malangone Spiritual Reader and Medium. Elisa’s gift and ability to communicate with your loved ones, guides, angels, and all energy around you, is that chance for you to connect. She has been known for having amazing compassion and gentleness when dealing with delicate situations such as connecting to children who have crossed as well as sudden unforeseen exits.
    Kevin Petersen In-home therapist, crisis evaluator, outpatient therapist, case manager, and author of the book Chronic Hope. Kevin is the founder and owner of Petersen Family Counseling, where he specializes in working with individuals and families struggling with codependency and addiction. Kevin’s mission is to help families heal by facilitating family communication and repairing broken bonds.


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