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Shame-Informed Therapy: Treatment Strategies for Overcoming Core Shame and Reconstructing the Authentic Self

This workbook for mental health practitioners combines my 40 years of experience in child development and psychology. It includes on overview of the neurobiology of shame as well as many worksheets that help individuals reconstruct their authentic self, overcoming debilitating negative thoughts and feelings of not being good-enough. It can also be used by individuals who want to explore inner healing of shame-based messages and reconstruct the authentic self.


“Dr. Patti Ashley strikes again…this time tackling one of the most important (if not THE most important) topics to shine light upon. In her breakthrough book, she’s created a turn-key approach for therapists to use with clients, using worksheets, stories, and depth of insight.” Kelly Sullivan Walden, Hypnotherapist and Best-Selling Author

Letters to Freedom: From Fear to Love to Grace,
A Memoir of Grief and Relationship

Grief has taken me on a magical mystery ride for the past fifty years.

Losing my father at age eleven; my marriage and eventually my children in my thirty’s and forty’s; then other losses—friends, relationships, jobs, homes, pets and a lot of other stuff.


Finally in my 50s, I meet the man of my dreams–Laurence Freedom. He stole my heart and helped me love in a way I was never able to do before. With him I felt safe. I knew he would never leave me.

Two years after our first date he died. The same way that my father had died forty-seven-years prior. A sudden heart attack. Bodies found on the living room floor with hands across the chest.

Laurence promised he would never leave me. He promised to help me heal.

All I could after he did, was write the stories. They belonged somewhere.

I needed to grieve differently from the eleven-year-old girl who had to go back to school and forget about her father. After all, “he was in Heaven” they said. That was a happy place I was told.  Why couldn’t I go there?

I went to graduate school to learn how to help people to grieve, and also to learn how children develop emotionally. One thing I remember about grief is that we have to tell the story at least one hundred times before we can begin to move on to an acceptance (of sorts.)

So I sat down night after night for many, many months remembering, writing and dripping tears on the keyboard. My computer was my new best friend.

I though I knew grief. What did I know?

I learned that losing a beloved hurts like hell. I accepted that I still don’t know what happens after people die.

My current destination on this magical mystery ride is grace. I had to travel through fear to find love. And, then there was more. A grace that transcends understanding. A willingness to live the mystery and trust the process. Knowing I am never alone, and I am enough.

“I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are,

but does not leave us where it found us.” Anne Lamott

Living in the Shadow of the Too Good Mother Archetype

LivingInTheShadowBookParenting for me was much more difficult than I would have ever imagined. I felt so responsible for my children and I was always wanting to find the best parenting practices. My search led me to discover what I am now calling “the shadow of the too-good mother archetype.”

When my first daughter was born in 1980, I started a quest to find out how to be a good mother.  I also worked with other mothers and families and completed my doctoral dissertation in the subject.  As a result of all those years of endless searching, I have written the book:Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype published by Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing in 2014. Here is the book trailer.

Getting my book published was a long and winding road.  In 2010 I entered a contest to win a book contract. Below is the video I used to promote the book contest. My book made it to the second round out of about 2500 participants!

Mothering Beyond Image Book Contest Video ~ April, 2010

Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype is a book that helps women connect more deeply to themselves and others, therefore feeling more authentic, mindful and whole.  It weaves real stories and common themes into archetypal mythology and the rapidly changing roles of women, creating the fabric of a new parenting paradigm. Order Your Copy Now


is a journey into the heart and soul of mothering.

The Heart of Discipline

Here is a parenting CD that I recorded in 2005. It is a compilation of the parenting techniques that are aligned with my philosophies. Of course my children are all older now, but they still are my greatest teachers. I hope you enjoy.


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