Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Parenting is an art that is mostly learned on the job! I can provide parent coaching to you and your family as often as you need it~from pre-pregnancy through the empty nest~.  Schedule a session in my office, in your home, on-line or over the phone or Skype.

Parent Coaching can help you handle the challenges in today’s rapidly changing world by providing support, resources and tools for raising children in a new parenting paradigm.  The results of parent coaching will help you to:

  • Feel better about yourself as a parent
  • Discover age appropriate expectations
  • Better understand child development
  • Gain a deeper awareness of the emotions that come up as a parent
  • Learn that discipline is not a dirty word, and that there are methods to do it right
  • Find ways to nurture yourself
  • Develop many, many other tricks of the trade

“Children come into the world like a packet of seeds with no cover on the front.  Our job is very much like that of a gardener’s to provide the adequate light, soil, water and nutrients for the flower to grow to it’s full potential.  It is not our job to raise a carnation into a rose or a rose into a carnation.”  Dr. Katharine Kersey, author of The Art of Sensitive Parenting,  my parent mentor, graduate school professor, and kindred friend.  For 101 of Dr. Kersey’s great parenting tips go to 

School Advocacy

Having taught special education for eight years and worked as a director of a middle school mentoring program, I can offer you support with parent-teacher meetings, 504 plans and IEP meetings.  Oftentimes it is difficult to advocate for your child without having the knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes.  I can offer you education, support and consultations as needed; in my office, in your home, over the phone or Skype, and/or at your child’s school.

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