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    Well 2020 has made in-person events challenging, but hopefully that will change soon. Stay tuned for upcoming events that will be happening together when the time is right.

    Shameless Facebook Friday Live

    In the meantime you can find me most Fridays on my Shameless Facebook Friday Live. I have been interviewing quests related to topics in my books: shame, grief, and mothering. Follow my page and tune in Fridays at 11:00 am Mountain Time.

    I am taking a break until January 15 when my special guest will be Billie Ortiz. The topic will be Dreaming Your Vision for 2021.

    Shameless Facebook Friday at 11:00 am Mountain time on my Dr. Patti Ashley Page.

    Southern France Retreat

    Hopefully we can make it to France in August. Stay tuned! and learn more here:

    A Sacred Journey in the South of France

    Moms in Real life

    This page has videos from past events, a link to our on-line course, and hopefully upcoming live events soon!

    Book Events

    Watch videos from some of my book events and stay tune for upcoming live events here.