Mindfulness Meditation # 56 Inner Freedom

This 4th of July meditation allow you to unplug from external stress and step into you source of inner freedom and flow. Patti Ashley · Mindfulness Meditation # 56 Inner Freedom

Meditation #55 Building Your Emotional Home

Today's meditation guides you through the parts of yourself that you can build and reconstruct in order to feel emotional whole and safe. Patti Ashley · Meditation #55 Building Your Emotional Home

Father’s Day Meditation #54

Today's summer solstice meditation honors the father archetype and brings healing into the protection and guidance inside yourself. Patti Ashley · Father's Day Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation #53 Self-Compassion

This meditation fills your cells with the light of self-compassion. Moment to moment awareness, forgiveness, and stepping into your better self. Patti Ashley · Mindfulness Meditation #53 Self-Compassion

Strength #52

Today's meditation takes you to the place inside you where you have tremendous strength. Patti Ashley · Strength

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