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    About Dr. Patti

    The late Jeremy Taylor was one of my many teachers in this lifetime. His area of expertise was working with dreams. I heard him once say that someone who likes to do many things has “the curse of the multi-talented.” I, for sure, have been cursed!

    I have no idea how to be bored! I am curious and always open to trying new things. Since I am older now my list of things that I enjoy has grown very long. I will have to live way past 100 years to be able to do them all.

    When I am not working (which I tend to do a lot of because I love my work,) you might find me doing one or more of these: dancing, singing, painting, trying to learn guitar, hiking, watching movies, listening to music, meditating, reading non-fiction books, listening to podcasts, working with dreams, drawing mandalas, sitting by the fire with my 17 year-old cat Mogley, building an outdoor fire-pit, and/or anything else that catches my eye!

    When not in a global pandemic, I love to travel to new places. I especially love France, and hope to lead a tour there in August of 2021. I also enjoy visiting my children and grandchildren who live on opposite U.S. coasts.

    Did I mention I have a lot of children? Four grown children ranging in age from 32-40, and three grandchildren ages 4, 8 and 9. My greatest teachers. I am truly blessed to have been able to birth four amazing humans, and witness the generations continue on. Being a mother and grandmother has taught me many things about relationships and our emotional self. Drs. Margaret and Jordan Paul sum it up: “Children are our Divine Teachers. When we fail to see their light, it is our vision that needs clearing.”

    I love being a therapist, and have spent many years refining the methods that I find most helpful. And because I have the “curse of the multi-talented,” I can pull from a very large tool box in order to meet your individual needs.

    Writing books and doing public speaking and training is also very important to me. I want to share so much of what I have learned in my life and my work with everyone. Writing and teaching helps me do that. I am working on two more books in 2021. And I want very much to make my memoir Letters to Freedom a movie. So if you know of any screenwriters please send them my way.

    My signature method of Authenticity Architecture allows you to create together a blueprint of experiences specifically designed to help you live your best life. The wholehearted life you were born to have, but may have gotten lost along the way. Together we will excavate your TRUE self and help you thrive, not just survive.

    Take your time going through the multitude of pages on my website. There is much I would like to offer you. One-on-one psychotherapy and coaching, individual and group retreats, on-line courses, public speaking, books, dreamwork, mandala assessment, and much more!